About SPIC

  • SPIC is one of China's top five power generators.
  • SPIC is one of China's three nuclear power developers and operators.
  • SPIC is a Fortune Global 500 company.
  • SPIC is committed to global businesses.

Our Business

SPIC is one of China's top five power generators, and an integrated energy group with power as its core. It has a total installed capacity of 107.4 GW, including 68.27 GW of thermal power, 20.94 GW of hydropower, 3,356.5 MW of nuclear power, 4,849.9 MW of solar power and 9,978.3 MW of wind power, with clean energy accounting for 40.06% of the total, demonstrating a distinctive clean development feature. It supplies 380.79 TWh of power and 144 million GJ of heat per annum. It also owns a coal production capacity of 80.4 million tons per year (t/y), aluminum smelting capacity of 2.49 million t/y and railway transportation line of 331 km.

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SPIC Global

By now, SPIC's overseas businesses cover 35 countries (regions)
including Japan, Australia, Malta, India, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Myanmar, etc.

Representative Projects

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